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Monsters Robot Challenge (With Real Prizes)

UPDATE 11/30/2012

Hello all, been pretty busy lately with things, but it was brought to my attention we don't have much time left for this competition! I've decided to extend the final date a bit so those of us busy with holiday plans, etc, will have more time to complete their robots. Happy Holidays!

NEW DATE: January 30th, 2013


UPDATE 9/26/2012

If you're going to enter for the contest please either 'collect' this post, or post a reply with your intent to enter. We need at least six(6) entries to consider this thing to work and have both prizes! Anything less than that and I might just have to do only one prize...



The time is soon upon us, that frightful time of the year when monsters and ghosts and things that go bump in the night come out to play. Be afraid, be very afraid...

In a nod to NilsB's Bosewicht (http://letsmakerobots.com/node/33969) and Monster Catcher (http://letsmakerobots.com/node/33927) robots, I thought it would be fun to have a little challenge for this 2012 Halloween. Now to be fair, I did look back through the older LMR challenges and noticed there was already a previous Halloween challenge, but I didn't see any final results from that one. This one has a bit of a twist!

Either way, it's all in good fun. Now, for the rules...


1. Most important! Your monster must be scary looking! The creepier, the better.

2. Your monster must be made (grown?) by you, and you alone!

3. Your monster must not have been entered into a previous Halloween challenge.


That's it! That's all you have to do. Considering the time frame I've posted, I don't expect anything too complex. Think: glowing eyes, rumbling noise from speakers, or oozing green slime from a hidden pump. E.g., a "hairy" 8 legged octo-walker giant spider from the abyss that spews 'venom' (silly string) from its mandibles?!



FIRST PLACE: Micro Magician !!!!!!!!!

Wow! NilsB has graciously offered to award a DAGU Micro Magician controller board! Awesome!



Second Place: ARDUINO UNO REV3 !!!!!



Extra points given to those that can post video of your creature scaring others (*cough* JAX).

As for the winning entry, it will be decided by LMR vote. Greatest number of votes wins!




P.S. The reason for December 23rd as a final turn-in date is because a) it's before Christmas, and b) the world is ending according to the Mayans. Duh.

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It was very funny building this. I realised that,I am not an artist,and maybe I can't be one.


I have added a write up here- http://letsmakerobots.com/node/35932


Do I have to post the construction part too? Or only a link to the video will work?

I made the Jack'o'lantern a month or so ago before I was part of LMR. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjQzKVyD1_4

Using PWM you can make a nice candle flicker effect.

i was going to do something like this, but since you are im in! now to find a robosapien robe and scythe



This seems like an awesome challenge, even better since October is coming soon! :D

As stated in the shout-box I am going to offer a second prize for this challenge. I do that because I like the idea of this challenge and not only participate but also donate something to it. Cobaltphoenix is going to announce this prize as soon as we know what it shall be.

My donation to this challenge is one Micro Magician. From LMR to LMR.

I normally build a few hallween robotic monsters every year. This is a five foot tall bipedal(ish) walking zombie I call autopsy Annie. She tries hard to keep her guts in as she comes toward me trying to eat my brains(none to be found) while filming.

Made with stepper motors in the head and guts,gearmotors in the walking legs, and a Z80 chip running the works.Sounds produced by a recorder module, large yellow eye at the end is a six element L.E.D. and is sensor controlled to follow people but stop before running into them, at which time the head begins its routine as shown in the video.

The project began about three weeks ago. I made a similar one in the male variety last year. Looks a little gorier in person.....on film its more of a parody, but in subdued lighting its kinda creepy. My cats hate it and hiss when its running.


I am also making a space alien that walks in a similar fashion.

Wow that looks spectacular!