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UPDATE 9/28/2012 11:04PM

As basile has correctly deduced, the "encoded transmission" in my previous update does indeed say "The gripper uses granular jamming technology". For those of you unaware what this is, please take a look at this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKOI_lVDPpw that DanM posted. Currently I am working on getting the gripper set up with a vacuum pump for better suction, and most likely changing materials from coffee grounds to sand. I may even try salt. I don't like how the coffee "sits". Here's a photo of the "gripper" so far. (Note: I still have to mount it to an arm. That comes later :o). To see how to make one yourself, go here: http://carlitoscontraptions.com/2011/05/diy-universal-jamming-gripper-2-0/.



UPDATE 9/26/2012 12:30PM

I've come across an encoded email message from Project EquiNOX! Let's see if someone can figure it out.

Gur tevccre hfrf tenahyne wnzzvat grpuabybtl



UPDATE 9/26/2012 12:24PM

Congratulations to robotgoldfish for figuring out the object below. It is actually a Spectrometer sensor! Took me forever to get it calibrated just right. Visit spectralworkbench.org for more information.



UPDATE 9/25/2012 11:48PM

I was able to salvage some photos from the encrypted thumb drive that my source got to me before they disappeared. I'm not quite sure what the object below is. It could be some sort of weapon?









CONFIDENTIAL---Classified project document, article 23(a) subsection 5.



From: ████████████████████

To: Dept. of Security

Subj: Project EquiNOX

Ref.: §222c653


It has come to the attention of the U.S. Government and her affilations that the ████████████████████ has indeed located a prime source of █████████. Project EquiNOX has been initiated as a counter-measure for ███████████████. The project is estimated to be completed and fully operational by ██/██/████. Secrecy is of the upmost urgency and is critical to the project success. We have a team working around the clock to establish that Project EquiNOX falls within the parameters of its primary mission in ███████████████████████. It will have both ████████████ and ████████████ for rapid deployment and communication.

So far, preliminary tests are positive. Currently, we are working on the █████████████ systems to detect the █████████████ . Further analysis and testing will commence within the next few weeks. I will keep you posted on further updates via encrypted communications.


Project Lead


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your going to stick this thing on the side of your fish tank and then analyze the light passing threw the water , to determent it's chemical  make up , or some in that vain, oxey meter

that just came to from thin air , bit of a stab in the dark  :D

Maybe diamonds? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6W0CzR_oTs

By coincidence, there is a challenge here:)


Interesting observation, Markus ;)

I am thinking that since NOX is in capitals, it must be an important clue........  hmmm, NOx is nitrous oxide (laughing gas); also Nox means "night" (from latin, a form of noctis)  I wonder if either of those relate to this great secret...

 assuming for a moment the thoughts about the above being a sensor...  Nox meaning night could mean it is a light sensor; whereas Nox meaning laughing gas could mean it is a gas sensor of some sort.


Oh, never mind.  I see it has been identified as a spectral sensor.

———as to the secret code... We wonder, "What the heck in granular jamming?"

 Check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKOI_lVDPpw


You are indeed correct, Mr. Dan! Although it's nothing as interesting as you hypothesize. NOX is simply an acronym :).

It must sense something.

It is a senzor ov some type... Not a Veapon...

"The gripper uses granular jamming technology"???


Basil is correct. Damn him! You guys are good :). Ill be posting pics soon of my of my universal gripper.

and got nothing like this i hope your right, it's like sand script anagrams written in hieroglyphs    


I used the classic ROT13 encryption