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Any extra hardware for Rover 5 and Dagu motor controller and Spider?

Hi All,

New member.

I'm just about to order a Rover 5 4WD, Dagu motor controller and Spider. I'd appreciate any advice on any additional bits or equipment which might be necessary/useful to complete this project.

Initial thoughts are:

What kind of electrical wire to connect the boards?

What hardware do you use to mount the boards on the chassis? etc

After it's acquired basic functionality, I'll need to add some sensors to avoid obstacles.

I already have a good soldering station,  DMMs, plenty of experience building electronic devices (although a few decades ago), 30 years writing C/C++/C# code. Unfortunately, I lent my oscilloscope to a friend years ago and I've lost contact. I haven't seen my logic probe, wire wrap tool etc for years but I can have a good look if they'll still be useful these days.




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Interfacing with a RC receiver has been done before, this website has some very good info on that subject: http://rcarduino.blogspot.be/2012/01/how-to-read-rc-receiver-with.html

Thanks for the tips Bajdi and OddBot. I've placed the order this morning.

Your Rover is impressive, Bajdi. You also answered one of my upcoming questions - has anyone connected an R/C receiver to a controller? One of my other other hobbies is R/C aircraft, so I have a good 2.4GHz transmitter and plenty of receivers lying around. Still not sure why I'd want to do this though as I'm more interested in autonomous robots than radio-control. (Perhaps to give it "hints" while I'm developing the software.)

I've also got a bag full of LiPos for my planes but they're all 3s or 6s so they're not much use for this. 2s packs are cheap anyway. Also have plenty of servos so I might play with them while I'm waiting for all the parts to arrive.

If you want to read RC signals then the easiest way is to use the pulsein() command to measure the width of your incoming pulse.


Take a look at my Rover 5 -> http://letsmakerobots.com/node/31410

I used a small A5 plexi which I bolted to the chassis with some standoffs. Drilled some holes in it to mount the Red back spider / motor controller. I bought my Rover from Yourduino and bought some female/female cables there.

Oder a bag of jumper wires. The DAGU jumper wire pack has heaps of male/male and female/female jumper wires in 5 colours and 3 different lengths that are ideal for connecting the motor controller to the Spider.

The pack will also be useful for any project involving a bread board.