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So my starter kit finally arrived and I've been setting up the robot by following the instructions as on the startpage, but when I get to the cable connecting part, something seems to be wrong.

I downloaded the Programming Editor, and the cable driver, from picaxe.com, I follow the instructions from the driver manual, but the editor just says 'Serial port error - port not present or already in use!'

When I insert the cable, the manual says my cable should be found in device manager -> Ports (COM & LPT), and mine isnt. It is found in 'Other devices', with a yellow triangle exclamation mark.

I have tried reinstalling the driver and other software, rebooting, but none helped.

Can someone help me with this issue please? I've searched on the forum for same topics, but couldn't exactly find a solution.

(Windows 7 - 64 bit)

Thanks in advance

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what program editor do you have?

The Free 'PICAXE Programming Editor'



No, this one: http://www.picaxe.com/Software/PICAXE/PICAXE-Programming-Editor/

PICAXE Programming Editor it's called, the first one from the starter's guide

i got mac. axe pad is free and works grait it,s a cross platform i think i can help you with this program editor good luck

Hm, I installed the AXEpad, but still the same. I think the problem is the fact that my cable is under 'Other devices', and has no COM port assigned to it. I get 2 errors with the AXEpad program, 1 while opening options (Oops, unhandled exception) and 1 while exiting the program.

But I can't get the driver installed on my cable, that's the main problem I think.

check my last comment i think it will get you farther

check my last comment i think it will get you farther