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Small Quadruped Robot

Navigate around via ultrasound
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UPDATE : October 23, 2012
Apparently some guys got trouble opening the CorelDraw files attached before. So I exported those files into various extension : cmx (to be opened in any CorelDraw version), pdf & eps (for Adobe Illustrator). They're attached as "Quadruped Files 2.zip"

UPDATE : October 15, 2012
Attached the arduino code, CorelDraw file for circuit board & laser cut acrylic.
Sorry for not attached these file before. The code is lame and very unprofessional, so you might want to use your own code.. :(

Hi, I'm new to LMR as a member. But I've been browsing around LMR to learn robotics.

First, sorry for my bad English.

I finished making my quadruped robot a couple weeks ago. It was my first robotic project using microcontroller. In fact, it was my first microcontroller project. Unfortunately it wasn't well documented during the making process since I didn't plan to publish it before. :( So here is what I can collect from scattered file in my PC..



It's a wandering quadruped robot with only one ultrasound sensor. Therefore I programmed the robot to rotate left then right (or opposite, randomly) when there's obstacle in front. Then the robot compare which direction has further distance to walk by.




I didn't use inverse kinematics for legs movement. Why? Because I hadn't learn it yet! :P See, I'm bad in mathematics.. :(
I don't know what kind of gait I used, but I have ever read somewhere that it called "crawl" gait (correct me if I'm wrong).
The microcontroller is ATmega328 with arduino bootloader. I'm very lucky there is this PCB maker in my town willing to make PCB without minimum order. So I ordered this custom arduino compatible board with extension pins for servos.







I use 12x HXT900 micro servo (3 DOF each leg). Body frame & legs built from laser cut acrylic board, some screw, bolt & spacer. I designed it with Corel Draw software, which I'm more expert using it than using microcontroller cause I'm a graphic designer. :P 
I haven't measure its weight yet, but dimensions are about 180 mm length & width, 140 mm height. 



So, there it is..
Just ask it if you have questions. Any suggesstions, critics or comments are apreciated. 
Thank you..

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Thank you toro1973...

But believe me, it's not as great as you think.
I'm really new in robotics, electronics, programming or whatever skills are needed in this field.
You'll find many quadruped/hexapod robot much more advanced than mine.
They're usually using inverse kinematics that make so many possibilities of movements and actions in their bots.


 nice quadwalker dude!!! :D

hmmm does your servo/s heat up "Badly" with those 7.2V lipos? on my quad, I have toned down to using 3.6V lipo(direct to the 12 servos) and a boost circuit (5v) to power the control circuit..

maybe you could try those in yours? and lowering the voltage would make the servos go slower so some adjustments on time constants(code) should be done :)


keep it up! :)

Thanks RaffX..

Unfortunately the servos did heat up.
But I already managed to put 2x diodes in series between the lipos and the servos.
It works fine now..

I had watched your walker video in youtube many times before.
I wouldn't know that your bot is posted here in LMR if you didn't write a comment on my post. :)
That's a great robot you have there!

Hi it is a really cool quadruped I sent you an e mail regarding this .

Please check it. I have written all my doubts of this robot because I also want to make this.

Please reply fast I have to know the components by Sunday or else I will not be able to make it at all.

Please please please reply


Why does it shake so much? Can it be the construction material ? Or maybe the servos don't have enough current flowing to them?

What diodes did you use to drop the voltage to the servos?