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Mini Mars Rover

Explores the outdoors

This is a little mars rover I built. It is in the early stages but I just added a webcam but is useless until I find some software that lets webcams do colour tracking and image diagnostics. If you know some, please post them in the comments.

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Thanks, I look forward to using it!

Hi RobotGoose!

I'm making an instructable for an easy color tracking! 

You said that you want to know how to..

E-mail me at michael96_27@yahoo.com! :))




Hello, it turns out my email is not working, so could instead of emailing you, I'll have to talk to you in the comments. Sorry about that.

Ok :))

Actually my instructable is not yet done for now. Anyways, you can check out what program we will be using. Here's an introduction to my instructable:


Thanks, I will try it out!

I just tested the robot with the laptop and it works! Now, all I need is to learn how to program the Ping))).

Just use this library to arduino. Its good and easy to use.


I'm testing that now but, also, its a mini laptop that is not so heavy.

my first thought is; will those servos be able to handle the weight of a laptop?