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Biped Bot

Walks around

Here is biped robot that I built using metal brackets. So far I have been having trouble with the software. As soon as the software works I will add a video of the robot walking (if it works).

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Well, yes the software is for an SSC-32 controller but it is also compatible with a BS2. I asked tech support and after a few questions, it turns out that my copy of the software was defective. So I'm waiting for a new one now.

Are you using ssc32 servo controller? I think that program is for ssc32? Maybe you need to post more info so others can help you.

Well, in fact, the parts are from lynxmotion, so the biped is from Canada. And for the servos, I was also concerned, because the robot is based on a model that I was copying, and the servos were Hitechnic servos. Also, for the battery, for now it seems to be fine, but it's true that I should give more power.

Is this the Chinese bipeds that you can find on Ebay? Which servos does it use, I guess MG995? I don't think 4 AA batteries are powerfull enough to power those 10 servos. I would use a 2S Lipo with a big UBEC...