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chess bot

I was wondering if an arduino mega has enough proccesing power to make chess moves I know enough programming to do it but is it possible .

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I have read it but does the arduino think and move.


I got that from a quick search on google: "can an arduino play chess?"

To answer your question about Patrick's system, I do not believe the arduino is anything more than an easy way to get input and move the pieces. I am fairly sure he has a computer hooked up that is doing the move calculation.

        yes that is exactly what i meant maxhirez and it is not an extension I got the idea when my chess teacher saw the robots I made he said maybe I could make a chess playing robot.  and thanks for the website birdmun Ill read it

thanks for the information oddbot I am researching for efficent chess algorithms

       I was wondering if it is possible for me to connect an arduino to a chess engine on the computer so it is connected to the computer and it makes the decisions and sends it to the arduino.

Is it possible if it is what should i do 

I know that much and I have found a solution.

Could I use something like firmata on arduino to read the chess engines decision but how would I send the coordinates to the chess engine.

Oh man I just put robotmaster18 cause i thought it was really sc -fi ish .

Im not asking for you to write the program I just need to know a few things.

Didnt people help patrick mccabe with his project.

P.S please dont take the name literally .