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I'm a newbie and I don't want to offend or bend any rules. I have an idea for a Halloween robot, but where do I present an idea for brainstorming help? I was thinking maybe: 1) here 2) Halloween contest forum 3) 4 element, under 'idea' forum. It'll be one of my first real robotic tries and I want to keep it simple, so I will need some folks to temper my enthusiasm and help keep me from painting this project into a corner (or off a cliff). Thanks, Heef

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Sorry for the weirdness. I can't seem to get my goofy profile picture upright, or even close to right. And no, my nose is not really that small. Bloggingly, I don't seem to know how to add to the existing blog. Instead, it seems that I have started a new blog with my second entry. Then there was my pictures, did yours see the format of those things? Geeez, oh, please. Give me a chance to get my poop in a group, sorry. Heef

Re: rotating your profile pic.
   Any simple image editing software will allow you to rotate your image, either with arrows labeled rotate left/rotate right, or, by the phrase of rotate 90*, rotate 180*, rotate 270*, or even, rotate right/rotate left.

Re: bloging troubles.
   Editing your blog is a simple matter of you going to your blog page, and, looking at the upper right. You will see an edit tab. Left click it and you will be taken to the edit page to let you change information on your post.

Re: images.
   Looks like you should get comfortable with a simple image editing program. Any decent one should let you rotate, crop, and scale your images. Once you get them like you want them, you may also insert them in your post by knowing the URL, and, clicking the tree icon next to the boat anchor. Even more interesting, you can keep the images large, put them on the LMR servers, or, elsewhere, and, just set the image size via the add image dialog. That way,  one could see what you were talking about, and, if they wanted to see a larger image they could just open the image in a new tab. You could make it more user friendly if you made a weblink to the original image by highlighting the inserted image, and, then clicking the linked chain.

OK, the blog has begun. The scavenger hunt for bits Is underway. Please look for, and comment on, my blog "Creepy Crawler". Thanks, Heef

Blog it!

Once you start building then you can post it as either a "robot project" or "something else" if it is not a robot.

Blog it. :)

ooh ooh, there are new bots here that are inspired by halloween! there's even a contest, here: