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3D Spirit Detector - Surround Sound

Detects Spirits in 3D and plays 3D surround Sound Tracking signal

Fritsl_s Spirit Detector has been niggling me for more than a year now.

I have used the circuit he described and multiplied it by 3x.

The Idea is so :- Place an antenna on each sensor and orientate them in the XYZ format

The sensors pick up the slightest disturbance in the "Ether" (Electro Static Charge or ESC)

The neat thing is that this disturbance can be plotted or followed in real time.

The Diagram below shows such a plot, i flew a peice of "Depron" into the 3D air pocket.

My Parallax Propeller spits out the "RealTime" XYZ coords onto the serial bus @115200 Baud flawlessly.

I use a Program called "Real Term" to capture this data stream and the end result is plotted with "Rstudio"

The second part of the  Propellor program monitors 3 ADC channels and the proportional(!) signal is ported to a Harmonization Cog (HC).

The HC basically is a frequency follower, ie it takes the raw ESC signal and "Tunes" it to the nearest tone of a harmonic series, in my case i used a "Tween" of 110Hz


So when all three channels are "Singing" together at least they are almost harmonic "in-Sync" , you will notice this in the video whilst i am playing tunes with my "Spirit Sticks".

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The toe-tapping part had me rolling! You really make the prop look like its worth exploring!

My "crocs" are an ElectroSmog nightmare.

Propellers are ....let me say......less hair-pulling than other flavours of mcu ;-)

Frits' Spirit Detector is on my schedule too. Great to see how you interpreted it. Your interpretation reminded me on this project. But yours look like it is able to capture larger space - it could solve the "locate a person in the room" problem. Good to know. Thank's for sharing, G.

This would be an easy circuit mod for Bøsewicht ;-)

....now that will nag you for a year.......

I like the touch with the colors of the "antennaes" :)

Something is nagging me; It appears that you have less knowledge over where the spirits actually are, than I did. I do nunderstand that your entire field is much larger, and that you have what appears to be 3D.

But my guess is that you wil never be able to actually develop what is sensed - BECAUSE you are so sensitive, and in so many directions. It'll be like painting with a VERY (3*3 meters) large brush, and thus hard to get details.

Of course if you "just" want to see if something is "intruding", like with a PIR sensor - you have got it, now for ghosts and stuff. (As well as humans).

But if you want to somehow visualize what is in the other dimensions, would you not be better off by moving a more "sharp pencil" (Detector with limited detection zone) around, and draw what you see, based upon the place where it was detected?


(Needless to say apart from that; I love the project ;)

Pecking your loved one on the cheek after shuffling along the carpet in your "crocs" is certain too destroy the "Spirit" of the occasion. Hell this device could stop this ever happening again ......hmmmmmm shocking...

Warning :- always "Earth" yourself (by touching the radiator) before connecting with the spirits.

What?  Like.. I hear what youa re saying, but how does that compute as a reply to my comment?

You see "Spirits" have this habit of side_tracking you in XY and Z coordinates., i must have crossed my Antennea.

Very nice, "spirits" beware there is no hiding place now :)

P.S. - Good to see you've managed to make some use of RStudio 

Yes thanks again for the tip...... at the time i was overwhelmed with ideas and projects ,thus hesitated to have to learn yet another system, however the spirits (shoutbox) seemed to be pressing  in the background 8P...

It turned out to be a simple one-liner command after loading in the 3d data.... Yeah....