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Creepy crawler

I'm a new member, new maker, with a plan for a new Halloween crawlly bot. I invite lots of comments and cautions to help keep me on task and out of (unneededly complex) trouble. My plan is to use an old skateboard with the normal truck and wheels up front and a caster in back. On top, on her belly, facing forward is a torn and tired looking baby doll. A creepy and far too realistic looking baby doll with chemotherapy looking hair. Torso is belly down with the arms hanging off the sides. The arms move from the shoulder and motivate the whole thing around kind of like a row boat with oars. The torso is belly down. It will have a sickly delicate looking back bone arching over the inner electronics (Ardunio, batteries, whatever) which will all be covered a translucent sickly looking tissue. Groin down, butt up, with the legs sticking up in the air. Then some simple navigation to follow a moving entity. Maybe some subtle whimpering sounds. My first task is to gather bits and pieces, take some pictures, and then (the hard part) get those pictures posted up here. Wish me luck. Heef PS OK so now just how in the heck do I load up pictures??? ...See?! I told you I was a newbie...

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Ok, to upload pictures, you first click the insert/edit image button (the button that looks like a photo of a tree or something else...). Then, you need to put the link that the image is located. 

To acquire a link to the photo, you can use a website (if you have one) or other photo websites that you posted your photos on.