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Illiterate asking for some help

*...and sorry for my english*

Hi there!

So... I'm a electronic illiterate (full of hope) newbie. I almost totally forgot that few about electronics, electrics and physics I learned in school.

I'd like to have some random tips about how to approach electronics and robotics, starting from the veeeery (very) beginning... (what's before that?)

Sorry, this is weird


Thanks in advance





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Divide and Conquer. You could apply this basic engineering principle. Therefore start - let's say - with a little bit mechanics and a little bit electronics. No microcontroller and no software.

Try to build a Spurt Bot. Google it for more information. But Ignoblegnome's Spurt Bot gives you all you need to know to actually build it.

I would suggest you figure out if you can understand arduino, or, if you need to start with a PICAXE. Once you have that bit figured, you can move on to the standard blink a LED, and, other common starter circuits.

How about you first let us know what microcontroller you can understand how to program, if you are going to build microcontroller based robots.

First of all you should start by reading the Rules.

If you want to try a quick and immersive approach into robotics go to Start Here.

For a slow and steadier approach covering basics about electronics and other stuff this FAQ provides several links to suitable learning and hands-on material.

You can then re-direct your attention according with what your objectives might be.

Welcome and have fun

I reccomend getting a good app for understanding electronics. I like the Arduino companion becuase it also comes with a way to read resistor stripes (If your unsure how to read them... like I am) :)

Other than that, just research simple circuits, look around your house for electronics and see if you can fgure out how they work.