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Remote controlling first robot + speaker (volume + real sound)


So I've been working on my First Robot the last few days, and it's working, so I thought, let's have some fun with it! So I decided to tear my old radio apart and try to install a speaker on the robot. After a lot of blood, sweat and tears, I finally managed to get the 2 speakers (3 Ohm, 9W max) out of it, along with some other stuff like some LED's. So I tried to attach them, and play with the 'sound' commands, playing some tunes etc... and it was awesome! But I'd like to do more with it, like playing some real music with it, or eventually maybe even adding a microphone that allows the robot to speak for me (but leave this for now, music first).

 So how will it be possible to load some simple files into the program?

Also the volume is a bit loud, not a really big deal, but is there any way that I can make it more silent? Or even louder? Becausethe radio could play a lot louder than it's beeping now, but I'm not sure how that was done (changing current, voltage?). I guess for making it more silent, I just need a resistor (maybe even a potentiometer), but I'm not sure, series or parallel. I got some idea's, but ofcourse I'm pretty new to electronics, so I don't want to burn anything.

Another question: I'd like to make the robot to be remote controlled. I've been searching a bit, found a T.V. remote controlled car, and thought: 'Yeah, so it is possible somehow!' But I couldn't find more information on how to program, if it is possible with the PICAXE or not, what is needed, etc. I'd guess I'll need a sensor to detect some sort of signal for my TV remote (I got a JVC remote, and 2 universal remotes (1 Philips, other unknown brand) that I can use), but I'm not sure if it depends on the TV remote, on the print board, etc.

So in short:

- How do I play real sound through my speaker?

- How do I change the volume of the speaker?

- What components and programming do I need to make the robot remote controlled (if it is possible with the PICAXE board)

Thanks a lot in advance!




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He is using something like an MP3 board to play sounds. I would post a link, but, I am not on a very easy to use system at the moment. Just look up JAX and the top robot should be his newest project.

No matter what, you will need an external board if you want to make the best use of your PICAXE. Otherwise, the robot would have to stop everytime you wanted to play music.

You could use this shield (requires Arduino) to play sound from an SD card. WAV 16bit mono format.