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Raspberry Pi-Soliciting quick opinion from experienced users

I got my Model B Rev. 1 in the mail yesterday and SD cards are cheap enough that I'm just going to buy a new one.  What's the optimum size card for the new Adafruit Occidentalis distro (http://adafruit-raspberry-pi.s3.amazonaws.com/Occidentalisv02.zip) if it unzips at 2.6G?  4, 8, 16?  I probably won't go 32 right away...

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Be sure to check the Raspberry side and look at the table of working sd cards. I have an 8GB card too, using the image from Cambridge University. Their image should fit on a 4GB card, but when I tried to flash the image on a 4GB sd card DiskImager said: unsufficient space.

After I wiped out all my wifes important pictures from the camera... let's see ... there was 8G left over - run's great...

Hope she's not going to ask about the camera soon :P

I had one with a 4 gig but then resold it. The second one I decided to get an 8 gig card to have more space available as the raspbian image took up more than half of a 4 gig card.

Raspbian was very easy to set up and get going following instructions at raspi.org and elinux.org even for a linux noob.
Haven't gone much further with it. Have collected a lot of resources for it.

I paid $3.50 for a 4 gig card and $5.30 for an 8 gig card so it really wasn't a big decision second time round. What advantages do you get with the Adafruit install?

I believe it includes libs such as wiringpi and OpenCV that bot makers might want. Might strip scratch off too. Otherwise it seems to be a fairly default rasbian install. Everything in adafruits distro can be installed easily enough under rasbian or the plain soft float debian.

Sounds like it's worth checking out. They should come up with a better name though.

I had to looking up when they sent out the email blast about it. "Rubus Occidentalis" is the Linnaen name for a raspberry.

2 of my friends have pi's and are both running 8gb cards with rasbian. No issues yet as you can always use a USB flash drive for any additional data anyway (which is what they do).

But I just got my Pi today so I can't say if it is enough.

Most distros are made with 4 in mind, including free space on the resulting filesystem.

8 if you think you need even more free space ... for media or stuff.

Depends what you are going to use the RPi for. I have an 8GB card in mine, more then big enough till now.