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Six(6) DC motors, Six(6) Std. Servos, and Two(2) Stepper motors -- HOW?

As the title suggests, HOW do I run all of this hardware? I've been trying to research a low-cost, effective (and simple) method of controlling six dc motors (6V-ish), six standard servos, and (possibly) two steppers.

I will be running an R-Pi + Arduino UNO for the Brains. 

Any suggestions?

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Thanks everyone. I'm thinking here getting three of these L298N motor driver boards for the six DC motors, and this Pololu 16-channel serial servo controller for the various servos. These will be powered by an individual, 5800mAh 7.2v Lipo regulated down to 5v for drive power, with an Arduino as the secondary data controller for the motor encoders / PWM, and low level sensors, and the R-Pi as the primary controller for high level sensors. The R-Pi+Arduino combo will have its own separate, regulated LiPo (probably 2800mAh 3.7 LiPo boosted to 5v).

What do you all think?