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Stupid Robot Tool Tricks

Tastes really good

I got bored and a little hungry, okay?  Gareth convinced me in this hack that a pencil torch (He calls his "old faithful") was an indispensable tool.  Since I got mine I've used it for everything from cutting battery access ports to heat-shrink to cauterizing wounds.  But this is the best use I've put it to yet.  (Yes, I realize that maybe calling this a tip/walkthrough is a little abusive.  Just try it-I don't think you'll be complaining when you've got yummy s'more all over your face and you don't have to wash out the fire pit and take a shower to keep the bed from smelling like beef jerky for three days.)

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OK. That is funny. 

Now this is on my list of tools to add. 

What pencil torch is this, can you give me a link?


Harbor Freight tools.  I don't know if they ship outside the US but apparently you can get one something like it in Sweden.

oh right, i might have to try and find a similar one that ships to the UK but thanks for the link.

Just some other uses....... longer than my arm....

  1. Slice_ing perspex with knife attachment....works well on cd/dvd disks
  2. Cutting and rounding off broken Oakleys to retrofit onto my prescription glasses (er... plus a little PM)
  3. Heat shrink tubing loves the catalyzed heat attachment.
  4. Brazing (ie copper tubing) though it will not melt aluminum
  5. Don't use it on toughened glass ( ie car windscreen) ... it will shatter and make a holey mess (trust me on this one :-(
  6. Best use is for re-sculpturing PolyMorph.... you can do very precise local adjustments.
  7. Fixing thermoplastics in general  (last was the milk guard in my fridge....just broke in my hand my darling....haha fixed)

NB :- if re_sculpting or melting plastic then please DO IT OUTSIDE .... fumes are mostly toxic (its my motto)

Well, I would say that by that final "heh" of yours the roasted marshmellow didn't turn out all that good :P

Then again, with my limited marshmellow experience I would say that the word "marshmellow" in itself carries the conotation of "heh" :P But hey, that's just the rant of a foreigner unable to appreciate your local delicacies :P

...and now excuse me while I escape the angry mob. *fuuwoooshhh*

That's got to be a human rights issue.

Well, I guess some can be found... not very common though. Then again, I guess we might have a similar "substance" if not pratically the same. Even so, when it comes to candy... let us say my teeth are a mess, a mining operation went dreadfully awry :P

Still, when I was a kid I remember receiving something marked as "marshmallows" sent by family in South Africa... I did try to roast them, but I don't think I achieved the desired effect, and if I did then I wasn't impressed :P

I rather have, for instance, a freshly baked "Portuguese custard tart" :) look it up, I just had one a few minutes ago, it was just one of the "stock cold" ones but still pleasant enough. However, were they make them just right... they're heavenly :D~~ 

Considering we are looking at your belly for most of the video you should have had a little robot mouth strapped to your waist that lip-synced to your voice.

Trust me-you don't want to see my face.