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Paul, I am sorry to single you out here but this has to be said.

You gotta catch 'em doing it right.

We are all well aware of recent drama and let's face it, some big fat generational gaps. Not to put to fine a point on it, some of our younger members demanded help and resources while some elder members recoiled when their hand was bitten. Consciously or unconsciously, I feel that some of the feelings [we] had for our younger members may have been spread a bit wide. It is an easy thing for us humans to do, see a member of a group act one way and assume the group as a whole is as such. Going with the assumption into ass-outta-you-and-me theory, [we] were all proven wrong.

Today in the shoutbox, RoboPaul asked me about some 3d printing work. As many of you know (and with the most recent "issue") this pushed a bit of a button. I replied to Paul in a hasty way, purposely speaking in short-hand, forcing him to not only Google, but also to piece together the search terms. I also answered in a way to force him to dig a bit once he got to the proper website.

I threw a bunch of hoops in front of the kid and said jump. In hindsight, a bit harsh and a few too many hoops but, well... Paul, I love ya buddy, but man, you just kinda caught me at the wrong time. Not your fault. :)



Hey, you know what happened 3 hours later? I got an email.

Hey, you know what Paul was doing for the last 3 hours?

Jumping though hoops.

This young man grabbed a teeny tiny bit of opportunity by the balls and friggin' ran with it. Alright Chris, you're not going to give me the whole website name? I'll find it myself. And he did. Oh, I gotta figure out how things sit on the print bed so I can design printable parts? Yup, I can do that too. Oh yeah, he did that too. A well written email and an attached file in 3 hours after getting the tiny amount of resources he got? Done and done.


(Now, we got one little bridge that we might find a better way of printing, but this is 100% printable.)


Let me take you through what I see:

  • First off, just looks damn good.
  • All long edges with radius
  • Curved inside corners for crystal cut-out
  • Square inside corners around solder pads. Now this is a good one --the square cut-out is to clear the pins soldered from the other side. Now, for the record, I missed these when I was designing my plexiglass version of the HC-SR04 bracket. The silkscreen around these pins is square, the hole in the bracket should be square. It is.
  • Countersunk holes on all fastener locations. Better clearance for the heads of the screws, a cleaner look, it is the correct way to do it. Beyond that, it was not needed. It took time. It took effort. Pardon me, but when you give a shit about something, this is what it looks like. Fantastic.

You took materials (in this case virtual materials) added labor and produced value, Paul. And you did a damn good job.

You have my help, you have my ear, you have my tools. We will get this guy printed for you and shipped off. If it is the wrong size, you can fix it and I will print it again. If you want a plexiglass version as a back up, I will cut you one of those. Its on the house. You earned it.


Take note boys, this is how you do it.

Good job, Paul.

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RoboPaul has worked hard and earned our respect. Unfortunately for RoboPaul, we now expect more from him as he has shown he can do research and produce good work.

It seems that the robot building thing is a pretty good catalyst to building friendships.

Well done, both of you.

I remember only just saying to you Chris one of these days your seed is going to fall on fertile ground and it looks like it has.
Congratulations to both of you. I'm looking forward to seeing Robopaul post his robot with the printed parts.
In fact I feel so good about this whole thing if there is any other part Paul needs that you sell Chris I would be happy to donate the funds to aid in completion of his project. Damn serious.

I don't mean to take advantage but I was thinking about putting a FetaDuino on him "SRg" 

PS. As in power surge SR stands for Schumacher Robotics like Paul Schumacher

No problem Paul. Just checked out a fetaduino for you. I was thinking you'd be needing some kind of controller.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!.

PS.I have a seeed studio ADK mega that I got in the 1st LMRv4 drawing that I was going to use.

BUT THIS IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You too Mr Merser are a class act +++