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mini maestro coding help needed

I am working on a project that has more to do with flying robots, i.e. quadcopters etc. and I am optimizing the propulsion systems, i.e. brushless motors and propeller combinations.  I have a full data aquisition test bench to gather the data that I need, but the thing that would be really nice is to control the electronic speed controller(s) using a mini maestro.  I have gotten the mini (12 channel) to run some of the basic programs in the manual, but I need some more complicated programming help so run different sequences by pressing a switch or flipping a toggle. 

I would love some help with the programming.


I appreciate any help or guidance you guys can give.





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I know this is a website for robot enthusiasts and designers etc. but I am actually not interested in learning the code, the code and maestro control is just something I need to get done to get to the research I really want to do.  Is anyone willing to do any side jobs doing some maestro coding?  Code is just not something I have ever been good at, in fact learning fortran in school was painful.  I think my abilities left off with basic on a TRS 80 and...

10 print "my name is David" 

20 goto 10. 

So I guess you want to do this inside the Maestro using the scripting language? This is a bot using the scripting from the pololu resources page that reads analog sensors and controls servos http://forum.pololu.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2756 The old "learn to code by reading code" may work for you. Just an option... Otherwise any language that you can talk to a serial port will work. Just code and add the routines that send/receive the data via that port. I used JustBasic to get started on my nerbook based internet remote control platform. Stephen