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Beer Keg R2D2

navigate via sonar, follow a line, make r2-sounds, moving head and lieghts

Its not the best R2 robot in the web but it´s funny and i build it because i always wanted my own R2 driving in my living room^^         i build this R2D2 with a beer keg. The robot is based on the cybot robot and cotrolled 

with the pololu maestro servo micro controller. 




the body is a small beer keg 



the feets and legs are made of balsa wood 



the head is the cap of my wastebin 



connected all parts with al lot off glue



finally connected all wires and paint it white/blue 



thanks for watching ;) 

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Nice to see another R2D2 approach. I like the way how you built the legs, nice and traditional wood work...

thanks :) your r2 looks very cool too

oh wait,  thats a 5L can.  At first I thought you killed a real keg.

yes you are right. Sorry my englishj is not very good i couldn´t dicede between

Keg, pipe, cask and tun, so i guessed and picked Keg... ^^

You obviously put a lot of work into it. You don't have to diminish the accomplishment by saying "Its not the best R2 robot in the web." Take pride in it!m welcome to LMR.

thats true i just mentioned it because i saw a lots of very good r2d2 robots in the web...