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LMR in Wikipedia

Hi guys,

I figured it was about time LMR had an entry in Wikipedia - after all we are not just a little insignificant group any longer :) It may just be me, but where ever I go and talk to people who are somewhat into robots, they know about us. Or they are us.

And so - as I see it, we should be in Wikipedia, and so I made this draft:


Click [Edit] top right corner to access it.

I never started an article for Wikipedia before, and it's hard to have a website in there, unless it's posted because of "some real content of general interest", and not just the fact that we have a website running.

However, I do beleive that we have more than a website running - and if you agree, and if you'd also like to see us "out there", please help me by editing it, and in the true spirit;

If you feel that our article is ready to be reviewed, please do submit it, and off we go :)

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Well, we are getting closer. We'll see.

True that, hope it happens.


If you need it translated to other languages I can take care of Portuguese :)

I know exactly what you are talking about now. Apart from the crap you have to go through to create material,
they rejected the LMR entry and another new article I submitted. It's all too much hassle to be worth it. Go get stuffed wikipedia. You won't get another donation from me.

Ok, I was going to ask Frits if he wanted a picture of LMR at ShenZhen Maker's Faire (the first time in China) but after reading Frits's explanation I guess I better learn how to edit Wikipedia.

That´d be really great documentation, thanks.

I am going to throw in our echonomy over the years.

Well I've gotten as far as creating an account at Wikipedia but to be honest I do not know where to begin. Some guidance would help. You seem to have a reference to LMR at Makers Faire but perhaps if you had some details of the New York Makers Faire on here then I would have a better idea how to proceed.

Overall very nicely worded, only changed a few things which I think might sound better my way... and if I am wrong, I'm sure someone is bound to correct me, after all I'm not a native English speaker myself. :)


Nicely worded Frits. A picture or two might jazz it up a bit. Like the LMR logo and perhaps some pictures from makerfaire or such. Otherwise if that is your words you have a very sophisticated level of accomplishment in English, well done.
I'd have a go at editing it for pictures myself but I'd hate to ruin your work.

Thanks a lot, merser :)

Please DO edit - if not for the fact that it can only be better if more people are involved, then because it appears that one of their conditions for even considering an article is the fact that it's a group (various IP numer tracking) effort.

I cannot lift this one alone, I do need your help. Thanks.

But I haven't figured out the process yet of how to insert pictures. Maybe somebody will beat me to it. (me hopes)

: D