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HomeR (Home Robot)

Avoid obstacles
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The first robot I made was a 6-legged walker kit from Lynxmotion.  This is the first robot I made without instructions.  Basically, he avoided obstacles using IR.  There was also piano wire going around him, supported by plastic, which acted a like bumper switch when it touched the frame. 

The base was a brand new remote controlled tank from Radio Shack called "Bedlam," which had a cool, retractable, sideways drive motor, making it go side to side.  I built 3 H-bridge circuits from Gordon Mccomb's Robot Bonanza ,book that controlled all 3 motors (left, right and sideways), but I never got the sideways to work because I powered the motors from a 7805 +5V regulator, which only puts out 1 amp.  (Didn't know how much the H bridge could handle or the 1 amp limitation).

He used a Basic Stamp2 SX and basically avoided walls, like the 6-legged walker.

Orginally, I was planning on using Homer for all kinds of experiments, but never did!