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Obstacle avoidance, smells good & won't sweat!

This is BrutBot.

He is my first robot and is based on the Arduino UNO with the Adafruit motor shield and a Parallax ping))) sensor.  I started with a "start here" kit but grew impatient with fried picaxe chips and infrared sensors, so I decided to try Arduino with an ultrasonic sensor instead.  

I came up with the idea of using an empty deodorant container one day during the summer, so I washed it out and started working on the design. 

I hadn't worked on BrutBot for quite a while, but I was inspired to keep working after going to Maker Faire and meeting Chris the Carpenter, robotgoldfish, and ignoblegnome.  I enjoyed talking with Chris and seeing all of the great robots at the table.  I just want to thank Chris for encouraging me and my passion for robotics and I really hope he (and the people at Let's Make Robots) likes my final product!

Update: 10/7

I had the idea last night to use one of Radio Shack's "Digital Sound Modules" to record and play back a sound through BrutBot's speaker.  My parents had some friends over from Boston today, but I got them to drop me at Radio Shack while they were at the grocery store. 

Replacing the Playback switch was a little tricky, but I figured it out and used a 2n3904 transistor to control the sound with my Arduino board.  Right now, he says "I can't find my teeth!" which my dad's friend recorded as a test, but I plan to change his saying. Maybe a slogan from a Brut commercial?

Any suggestions?


I hope to make the following improvements ASAP:

  • Edge Detection
  • Put the speaker on the back of BrutBot to use
  • Work on BrutBot's code to make him a little "smarter"
  • Some type of bump/collision sensor

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Do you minde sharing your sketch?


Yes indeed, a great little bot. Actually guys, I had the pleasure of seeing this little guy first-hand at Maker. What can I say? Good bot, clean design, no spaghetti --I'll give ya about 98% on it.

Good job man, and it was really cool to meet you.

Best smelling bot on LMR!  \o/

Thanks Chris! That means a lot to me.  I'm still working, so hopefully I'll earn that extra 2% from you in the future!

Weird double post.

Weird, weird, weird. Triple post. That's a new one for me. Only hit 'Post comment' once.

Great job, Evan! It was nice to meet you at Maker Faire. You did a wonderful job on the mechanical build, and the video is very well done too.

Keep it up!

Thanks Andrew!

I'm glad you liked my video because I stayed up extra late filming and typing up my post!

Stay away from my deodorant! It's not empty yet.. LOL
Nice looking robot..  :) 

When you are done just let me know!

Just kidding, I have enough empty containers in line to become robots as it is...

Cool idea to use the deodorant container :-) I still would try to put te board inside the container.

Nice SHR!