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Saturday Morning Video

It's from a year ago and 2 1/2 hours long overall but worth watching for any robotics person. Good way to spend a Saturday morning. Didn't see it already from a search so hopefully not duped. David P Anderson talks about robots...

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The part about the PID-controlled motors really sparked a lot of ideas in my head. My current project is having something similiar.

I've already posted this video, but it's so good it should be posted multiple times :)

From a technical perspective the information is valuable. Like Nils points out with the shape of the robot base and positioning of wheels and sensors.
It's also interesting how he can change through many modes to show the effects of a particular sensor- actuator configuration.
It is a dedication of time to watch however, but well worth it.

That is very interesting content in this video for us robot makers. Some mentionings about shapes that should not be able to stick to something or that the robot shall rotate in position without travel is good to know for us practisioners.

Actually this video was already posted here. That makes it at least double important for us. Thank you for sharing.