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diy arduino eagle cad

Hi guys I have made a simple arduino board using eagle cad I am going to add more to it it will be a custom pcb for my robot hand.

could you check if it is good.

arduino.sch127.58 KB

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Thank you merser and bajdi can you send the file to me I think you can click my name and my email should be there but it is anshulsanam@gmail.com

Sorry it took so long for me to reply had tests I will make the modifications

File works in Eagle 6.2.1.

You need decoupling caps at the ATmega's VCC and AVCC. You do not connect Aref to 5V! Add an electrolytic capacitor near the ouput of the regulator. A reset button is good idea. I would also add a reverse biased diode such as 1N4148 across the resistor on the reset line like on the latest Uno's.

Ok Robotmaster I upgraded to 6.2.0 and looked at your file.
If you are indeed using the mc33269 vreg then you have the values reversed for the input and output capacitance.
The datasheet suggests .33uf for input and 10uf on output.
You are missing a junction at the bottom of your input capacitor
You need to connect a gnd symbol from the supply library to the Gnd on your microcontroller. At the moment the net is just called N$3. This will eliminate 3 warnings.
Give JP7 a value like pwr for power and led1 a value of red or green to eliminate another two warnings.
Then you will be left with just 2 warnings which cannot be eliminated but can be disregarded.(Actually most of these warnings aren't important but I always like to cleanup)
To see the warnings press the erc button . It is the one on the bottom left.
If you click on each individual warning it will highlight the point in the schematic where it applies. As in the picture I've attached. You'll see a black line to a box highlight for warning number 1.

I have edited it in eagle implemented some of Baji's suggestions and cleaned it up a bit but I can't post the file here. I can email it to you if you like but I would still submit it for review rather than take it as a perfect work. I used it as an opportunity to brush the cobwebs off.


Well I'm getting invalid data in file when I tried to open it. I'm using eagle 5.10.0 light.