Let's Make Robots!

I Couldn't Do It

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Oh yeah, it is my 5 year plan, to get a piece of land and build a geodezic dome house and another as a greenhouse to do aquaponics gardening all year round, off grid. And beekeeping for a living. No more bills, just the one for the internet, I can't give this up. I plan to use solar panels, wind mill and perhaps even a mini hydro if I can get a land with a creek. Wood stove and propane for heating and cooking, I'll even try a geo-thermal system. I want to grow as much of the food I eat as possible and sell the surplus. I believe I'll have more time for my family and time to enjoy a better life, with more potential to save for old age times. So yeah, I think Jamie is right, that's how you do it.

Good luck with the plan. Sounds exactly like my dream. Still got to pay for it though so I'm stuck in the city for a bit longer. I'll rent out my home in the city when I make the move for a bit of drought protection.

Thanks.I just bought a townhouse under the market price, I hope to gain some equity and make some renovations before I'll sell it in 4-5 years from now. It may happen sooner, who knows? It all depends on the real estate market evolution. Then I want to buy minimum 4, up to 10 acres, depending on the price at the time. I will get an old camper (we call a camper those big camping trailers) to live in it untill I'll build the house. I found a camper with 2 bedrooms, extendable living, bathroom, etc. for $3500 this summer, so I know I can get a good deal. Untill then, I rented an acre of land to keep my bee hives and to start a garden to learn how to do it properly until I'll get to have my own land. Next year I plan to double my hives to get to 20 and the following year I'll double again, then I will double only 20 hives each year. This way, in 2017 I'll have 100 hives, with an average production of 50 kg of honey per hive (only 60 will be for production) that means 3000kg of honey which now equals $30.000 (canadian) per year. So that is less than I make right now, but living off grid with the land payed and payments only for the house (about $500 per month), property taxes, phone and internet (there will be propane, gasoline and other stuff to buy too), I think I can save a lot more money than now.  Curently, I need 2 incomes to be able to pay everything. If I could only win 100.000 at the lottery...

Isn't that what Sherlock Holmes did when he retired?

he-he! I have no idea what Sherlock did when he retired, but if it was beekeeping, he was a smart guy. 

I have an offgrid place 160 k's from home. I use one 50 watt panel to charge a pair of 6v 225 amphour trojans.
That runs a pressure pump to the sink and garden hose, tv or radio and lights at night. I have a small inverter for 240v devices.
A generator supplies power for bigger tools.
I have a wood stove and a gas burner for the morning when I want my coffee quick.
Rainwater is collected in two tanks made of corrugated iron.
My poor neglected blog about it is here.
I don't at this stage plan to build any giant robots there.
Oh yeah, Go Jamie!

Think it's Gareth wearing Jamie's ABC T-shirt. http://jamius.com/abc/abc.html

That island idea is interesting. Maybe LMR should get one too.