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MRF49XA transceiver ICs and Bot control

I found a couple of MRF49XA transceiver ICs--I don't suppose someone could tell me whether I could design a circuit to connect my bot to my computer, via dongle, these ICs, and appropriate circuit?  If so, any guess on the potential range? 


Thank you.

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I just got back from the googles, and indeed the answers to all your questions are there.

"MRF49XA transceiver" brought up a ton of posts on how to work with this unit via many different uC's

"MRF49XA transceiver circuit" (via google images) brought up many schematics

I would be happy to post the links here for the nominal fee of $5. If you would like to take advantage of this offer, please PayPal $5 to rocketbrand@gmail.com. Your links will be posted via this thread within 24 hours of your payment clearing.

You said what needed to be said!