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New LMR Banner - Hi resolution photos required

Please tell me your nationality!
So far I have received about 30 photos from about 9 people. I need at least 80! I want to put your flag in the corner of your photos so people can see that LMR consist of members from around the world. In some cases I have received photos but no mention of nationality.

Some members such as myself were born in one country but now live in another. In that case you may want to display 2 flags or a hybrid flag. These were sent to me by Lumi and Dickel.

In my case both Australian and Chinese flags will be displayed since they did Hybridise well.



For Makers Faire Shenzhen I made an LMR banner. I intentionally kept it generic so it could be used again at different events. As the banner is actually a large tarpaulin I was looking for high resolution images (preferably 2000+ pixels wide). Unfortunately most images from LMR are much smaller so a large percentace of the photos ended up being mine to fill in the spaces.

I am thinking of printing a second one for Makers Faire in Shanghai and would like to give everyone a chance to send in a couple of hi-res photos of their robots. Contact me through LMR and email me 1 or 2 photos of your favorite robot.

I want a wide variety of different types of robots, I do not want a banner with 20 different hexapods or start here robots. That does not mean that you cannot send in a hexapod or start here robot but I will only add a few of the best to the banner.

I want wheels, wegs, legs and tracks. Give me snakes, beetles, dogs, heads and fire fighters. This banner should show our diversity not only of country but of creation. To help show that our members are from all around the world, please tell me your country and I will insert your national flag in the corner of your photo.

The photos should be:

  • Directly from your camera, preferably 8 megapixel or better.
  • No photo editing - I will adjust brightness and contrast if required.
  • No expanded images - do not take a low res picture from LMR and blow it up, I won't use it.
  • No blurry images

I will post the resulting banner on Google Drive (Docs) and post a link so anyone can download the resulting artwork. I will then get it printed and sent to Lumi for Makers Faire Shanghai.

The first banner was good and is still going strong, I want this banner to be better.




Just a reminder, most people who look at the banner will not be members of LMR. If you send a photo then make sure it is recognizable as a robot. One member sent me some great photos of a cardboard robot but from the front it looks more like a cardboard doll. In this case the photo should have showed the inner workings so that the average person can see that electronics had been installed in the cardboard robot.

Thanks to Lumi this banner will have a centerfold!


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I shared with you my picassa you should have mail :) 

Hope it get's trough the great wall of fire.. 

Sorry, I have not replied to anyone much but yes I got it.

Give me this evening to finish putting it together. Will send you some tomorrow.

Keep them coming, I've already got half a dozen great photos.

@ Lumi, what no hot girls????

I think part of ALF's departing black-and-white shoot should be a compulsory addition to the LMRv4 banner.

Okay, okay guys...

OddBot, please check the link for the pictures, I just added one more :-)

Oh yeah, that's the money shot right there! That's going front and center!

Haha, can't wait to see that :-)

If you put Japanese flags on it you better have some good fire fighter robots :D

All my photos are made with a 12mp Nikon dslr.