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Bipéde FR

Bonjour, je vous présente mon premier robot qui est en cours de construction.
Etant débutant en robotique j'ai voulu commencer par un projet simple et éducatif.
C'est un bipéde a 2 servomoteur avec capteur de distance Sharp le tout sera contrôllé par un 08M2. Il est composé de plaque d'aluminium et de piéces méccano pour une hauteur de 120mm / largeur 60 mm / longeur 60mm.
Cette semaine je commence l'éléctronique... a bientot

Hello, I present to you my first robot that is currently under construction.
As beginners in robotics I wanted to start with a simple project and educational.
It is a biped with two servo Sharp distance sensor is all controlled by a 08M2. It is made of aluminum plate and Meccano parts to a height of 120mm / width 60mm / 60mm length.
This week I start electronic ... see you soon

Matériel :
  • Proto-board Picaxe 08M2
  • Capteur Sharp GP2D150A
  • 2 servo miniature Hitec HS-55
  • support pile R6
  • plaque aluminium 2mm
  • plaque plexi 2mm
  • piéces Meccano
  • vis + écrou
  • rotule


Proto-board PICAXE 08M2
• Sensor Sharp GP2D150A
• 2 miniature servo Hitec HS-55
• Support battery R6
2mm aluminum plate
2mm plexi plate
Meccano pieces
screw + nut
Executive ball

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Well, that's much better now.

Interesting idea with the servo pushing the legs forward...

Thank you, I will add information and photos more detail.
The second servo is placed at the back of the robot it will check the second movement of the legs.
Sorry for my English, French is bad in a foreign language ....

Where is the second servo and what it's doing? Yes, a little bit more info/video/pictures would be nice. Bipeds...i love them...

looking good for a start any video