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Happy Birthday, LED!

Today (October 9) in 1963, Nick Holonyak, Jr. demonstrated the first visible-spectrum light-emitting diode to the bean-counters at General Electric.  He mixed Galium and Arsenide in a way that chemists told him was impossible to create that first familiar red glow.  Today, we're on the verge of replacing all innefficient filament-based lights with his invention (if the conspiracy theorists don't get their way, that is.)

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I am not sure if it's a good idea to replace ALL light bulbs with LED's.

My solar runner is not working with LED light :-(

So, I am not supporting a 100% exchange ;-)

I'm diabetic - I want a cake substitute :)

Ok, just to be clear...Please select one or more of the following:

1. There damn sure will be cake

2. There could be cake but it would be difficult

3. There is only a slim possibility for cake

4. It is highly unlikely that there will be cake

5. A cake might be available if its made for a 3D printer, and sent to all who have one

6.A conspiracy has evolved, and all cake is is banned and unavailable

7. Only a select few can ever have any available cake

8.A robot that makes cake and travels to each members house is being worked on, and likely will make me a cake soon.

9. I am just wasting my time thinking about cake, and therefore have NO chance of getting cake.......ever.

10. Cake is over-rated, and while I still want some, I should feel secure that I have seen my last cake for the forseable future.

11. The red L.E.D.s and his friends all showed up early and ate the cake, to create this cake shortage.(wait...Now there is a cake shortage?)

12. The word cake should never be mentioned in a place where I may see it.

13. I have a dream......I have been to the mountaintop.....and there is cake..........for all mankind.......as much as you want.......

14. The cake is IN the mail.

15.Flour, a major ingredient in cake has been deemed hazardous, therefore will never be used in cooking again, anywhere.

16. Cake baking is a hugh energy drain, and therefore not "green", thus causes global warming.

17. If someone bakes me a cake......I will come for it, as long as I know for sure it will really be there.

18. How can a semi-conducting light source, invented way back when, get cake, and yet I get none?

19. The droid carrying the cake IS the droid I am looking for........

20. Cupcakes are in fact an acceptable subsitute for most cake.

Thank you for your attention in this matter.



>20. Cupcakes are in fact an acceptable subsitute for most cake.

At a recent kid's birthday party, they served 24 cup cakes all served together on a platter with frosting over the top of the whole thing so it looked like a birthday cake from above. They did the whole candles and happy birthday song thing, then simply separated the cupcakes and gave them to the kids on paper plates. 

I just thought you'd want to know of the existance of such a thing, androidman.

My musings are often hypothetical in nature, and I am pleased as punch when verified as real science!!!!

Anyone else?

If a cake were made as big as planet earth, would it end Universe hunger?

Would/could alien spacecraft land on it without sinking into the frosting?

Could the Big Bang theory of creation have been caused by a cake flour explosion?

How big of cake would be required for every LMR user to get a 3.862 Ounce piece?

How much resistance would be measured for a 1 foot long cake with wires stuck in each end?

Do people in China, Africa, and Japan know who Betty Crocker is? Little Debbie? Do the Swiss actually have a Miss? And does she have the blonde pony tails? Who is their cake baking icon if not?

How big a cake could be made using the entires earths oceans?

Would zombies eat cake if they were decorated as brains?

What power tools could be baked into a prisoners cake thereby allowing an avenue of escape?

Can a helicopter be used to stir cake batter if turned upside down and mounted on a suitable arm?

Does frosting come in a handy toothpaste type tube? If so how the hell do they get it in there?

Is it possible to smuggle cake into a movie theater and eat it without being noticed?

Do cakes rise in the north pole, and sink in Antarctica? Can frozen cake be cut with a knife?

Is it difficult to teleport cake, and have it re-assemble properly? How would you know for sure?

If you go back in time and eat fresh cake, is it still really fresh?

Did Java man have cake with his Java?

If you could make robot wheels from cake-would they have good traction?

How much cake related server space has been used on LMR?

Any answers ? Anyone?


I believe you might be a good subject for the Portal Testing Initiative :P

And was promptly fired for eating cake under my desk.

I knew this would get your attention!

Incidentally, if you have access to a "Costco," I would highly recommend their cake for your next event.  It has to be the worst thing in the world for you as good as it tastes.

I haven't heard anything other than some trying to say leds are as toxic to the environment as cfl's. Is that the one?

Happy Birthday Mr Led!