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Yellow Jacket and Robot plateform

I've just discovered Ruggeduino and was curious if anyone has used their Yellow Jacket MC?


Trying to find someone experienced answer two questions:

1. Range expected indoors?

2. Is this the best option for connecting the MC's Arduino code to the power of my PC's Processing program?

The idea is to have a mobile robot plateform with an array of censors, but have the brain on the PC, using Processing.

Any help appreciated.


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is, it is wifi. As long as it is near an access point, you might be able to control it from anywhere. Depending on your size/price factors, one of the inexpensive mini routers might be a feasible option, only requiring a separate microcontroller for interaction.

As always, thanks.

for indoors a lot less about a 1/3 100m to 150m. 2.4 ghz power is reduced if it has to pass threw something (wall. tree). but in this situation i don't think it will be a problem  to much 

as for the best option for connecting to Processing it's as good as the next thing

So, is 1/3 the guesstamate formula fairly consistent for 2.4 ghz?  And thank you.