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First Robot-Again'ish

So i'm starting to get back into robots after about 5 years away. I would like to make a 4/6 legged robot but like a micro version. I was thinking about useing the Micro magician becuase it's small form factor. And honestly I don't want the robot to be any bigger the the 30x60mm. I relize that the magician can only handle 8 servoes directly. What would I need to add to control more servors and is this "brain" good enough for what I want? I know this will be a challenge as this will be my first microproccesor robot, and I will be learning a lot and the build will be a chalenge but then again if it's not hard it's not fun.


This is a robot that I build a few years back that uses Beam technology and uses impulses to work.


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So I going to go with a 3 dof quadruped with those micro servos so that's 12 servoes whered you see how much they draw so I can make a good choice for the battery?
Can someone recommend a good battery for this little guy with using 18 of those pico servos and the v2 magician and the servo controller by adafruit? Also those little servos have about 11 oz in torque that should be enough?
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Figure <0.5 A per micro servo x 18 = <9 A total.

You can't supply that through the MicroMagician's regulator, so you need a battery that provides between 4.8V and 6.0V to support the servos.

Maybe something like this 7.4V 3000mAh LIPO. Make sure you follow safe rules for charging LIPO batteries.

http://www.hobbypartz.com/33p-solarservo-d229.html. Will these servos work? I'm trying to find some little good servos
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I think the d229 is a digital servo, which needs signal updates much more often than a regular analog servo. I would get an analog servo if I was you.

DAGU makes servo clutches for their 8g micro servos. I haven't tried them yet, but it might save your servo gears from stripping if they get overloaded.

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Yikes! Those are spendy. Especially for 18 of them.

So the would work with the v2 of the magician?
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The Arduino Uno's I2C is on A4 and A5-which are both open on the v2.

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Here's a good option for you.It drives 16 servos and uses the IIC protocol, which is pretty fast.  It also is about the same size as the MM, but it's not a shield (which wouldn't be a good fit for the MM anyway.)


The Micro Magician is a GREAT choice for what you're looking to do.  They just rolled out the V2, which you can look at on the front page today as well.