Let's Make Robots!


Navigates via four HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensors


Meduino Nano microcontroller

TB6612FNG motor driver on carrier board

Four HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensors

i2c serial LCD display - 16X2

1 TI MSP430 Launchpad box

1 TI Stellaris Launchpad box

Tamiya twin motor gearbox

Tamiya truck tires

Tamiya ball caster Power switch

IDE ribbon cable

2 430 contact breadboards

AA battery pack

9V battery connector

Zip ties


You can read more at my blog: http://www.meanpc.com

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OMG, you've put an Arduino into a TI LaunchPad box. That's, that's, that's... evil!  ; j

In the first picture, it looks like a bunch of sneaky robot peeking out from a box..  :P