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Mouse bot

Drives around

This is a little mouse robot I made by gutting an old computer mouse. I am still missing some parts but I will getting them soon. I am using L293D motor driver for the dc motors, and the chip is connected to my Arduino Uno. Yes, I know the second video says that I will program it soon, but it turns that the mouse does not have enough place for all the circuitry so I will have to find a new chasis.

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 I love recycling !!  There will be a sensor?

That little bot would be perfect for the Rocket Brand Studios Nano with Undershield. You get a much smaller form factor for the Arduino, plus the motor driver and pin breakouts on the undershield. 

yess i agree


Nice, I will keep it in mind!

Until i get those missing parts, i can't show much, but more will be coming soon.


that looks awesome! gonna be waiting for some updates, more pictures, and maybe a video if you're done.