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Arduino UNO Rev 3 + Bluetooth Bee + Android


behalf of my Awesomeness,

I beg all of you to PLEASE HELP me on my very 1st robot :D 

I have an Arduino UNO Rev 3 and a Protyping Sheild 

And I need to control 6 DC motors via BLUETOOTH Bee 

and my remote control is a App in ANDROID the "BlueBots" 


My MAIN concern is 

How to combine that 3 products so that I can Control the 6 DC motors 

Cuz my robot is a Rover, the DC motor is Located at the Right side while the other is on the Left side for the Wheels :D just like Mars Curiosity Rover Mobility

You may Suggest any IDEA, VIDEO TUTORIAL, LINKS, PDF FILES, or Anything that CAN really HELP ME to build a Better Future 


Thank you :D 

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This "might" help you - 


You would want the "bleeding edge" release and not the 14.9 ..  

I'm interested in developing it further, if your interested in trying it...  I probably could help

Top left of page, click "start here" Then use the search tool for "arduino Bluetooth" and "arduino start here". There are several Bluetooth controlled arduino bots around. You need to do research yourself. We won't give step by step video tutorials and supply code that you may well show friends and claim as your own.

The type of drive your suggesting is called skid steering which actually the curiosity modifies (its wheels can also steer normally). Tanks use it of course as do most bots here. You don't actually have all the components you need there. It is not safe to connect motors direct to an arduino, it WILL break the arduino. You need a motor driver. For that you can either buy a shield or buy the actual chip for attachment to your proto shield. The Bluetooth bee I assume you will also be mounting to the proto shield.