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walks forward
8_servo_center_M2.bas332 bytes
clyde_walk_forward.bas798 bytes
clyde_walk_forward.bas687 bytes

Clyde is a 8 servo quadroped walker, he was my first attempt at a robot before I had any sensors. Clyde is as basic as an 8 servo walker can get, one piece of aluminum for a baseplate, everything else hot glued to that. I wish I could post more pics, but the structure of LMR makes it a little tedious.


version two:



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were do you get that coller of servo


ops *color* 

I see a nice improvement in the walking pattern from video one to video two. Good!


lumi, Thanks, I thought I was onto something making a rather more square quad than most, turned out to be a bad idea so I just unglued the servos and reglued them on 90 degrees from where they were. although the walking patern is better, the steps are much shorter, so  it takes a lot longer to get anywhere :)




and they are also a lot cheaper :)