Let's Make Robots!

CTC's Destiny (I found the picture **and more!)


Ladies and Gentlemen,

I found the picture.

Must have been '88 or '89 maybe.


****UPDATE 10.16.12****

God Bless the Internets!!!!

(I found the original article)

Here is the original "Boy's Life" Article
Starts on Page 17 

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Unearthed arcana, well played :D I give nothing but props for your parental units buying into the whole scheme. However such a cute kid could sell ice cubes to penquins I imagine.

Boys Life made me want to learn knots and earn a self-credentialled scout badge of some kind.

Cooler than I can quantify.

Where do I press play to hear you present your "latest" err I mean earliest? creation? :P

That's not you, where's the beard? lol even when life pushes you from one thing to another, shows some of us do end up where we belong. Cool robot too btw.

Had to have the hat too.  (I was sick today and this was all I had the energy to create.)

i LOLed and then some more LOLing , mmm i think i may of wet my self a little bit

Jep! Match :)

hahahahaahaha jajajajaa fwahahah foooowahh haahahah great photochop!!!! a+++


Haha well done Max. Now I believe.

As I notice another notification on mail mailbox... I promptly click the the forum topic on the page (I seldom check the emails -- and rather go straight to the source)... and as I was scrolling down I was thinking to myself "You know what, somebody should 'update' to a more known current state" -- thus, put beard on him. Well done Max, with the cap too... and only at third glance did I notice the logo ;)