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Avoids running into things and follows lines
bunker_master.bas3.93 KB
bunker_line_follow.bas485 bytes
bunker_avoid.bas3.34 KB


 Bunker is a small house bot that I am developing (altho, the developement has stalled somewhat as i moved on to other things. When some of my other projects are compleat, I hope to add some more functionality) so far I have been able to make him avoid running into things, and if he does, detect it and take evasive action, and follow lines using a homemade line sensor board.

Motor control is via a L298 motor control board, and I also use the current sensing feature to see if it has run into anything. The shell is made from a large amount of k'nex octogons stacked on top of each other and bolted together with 1/4 in bolts and nuts.

at some point I will hopefully develop a way to find a home base and dock there for self charging. the base is strong enuf to carry a netbook or laptop, so I could have a nice web based telepresence robot once the docking feature is built.


a closeup of the inverter gate used to drive the L298 board, only 4 pins are used on the microcontroler, 2 for each side's direction, and 2 for each side's speed/enable.

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Hey Im curious on what you used to build the chassis of this nice robot  ...

Hello flokos,

I used the K'nex building system to make a number of octogons reinforced by grid work, you can see what I mean by looking at the pictures of the top and bottom of the robot, I removed some of the reinforcments to make holes that I could put the motors in for example, stacked them all together and used 1/4 in bolts to hold the stacks together, K'nex is conveniant because the holes in the pieces fit a 1/4 in bolt perfectly.

hope this helps :)

that nice

Thanks :)

Very good line follower !! Lipo battery seem to have a good autonomy...

Thanks :)

I am not getting the second half of your comment, please elaborate.....