Let's Make Robots!

Marvin The Munny

Keeps me company by blinking his eyes

I was given a project in school. We could design one of these blank Munnys and I ended up with my new desktop-companien, Marvin The Munny. We were asked only to paint it to give it a new character but no, I wanted to go deeper I knew I would take it apart.


Still first things first. A sketch of my work had to be drawn. I was inspired by the robot called Marvin out of the film "Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy". After that, I cut open Munny`s head, to get a good look inside and to see how much space I had to play with. For the blinking eyes I cut out two triangular holes and insterted cut-to-size car-reflectors I happend to have found, the day before. My father occasionally assisted me with the wiring of the LEDs and the PIR detector in his belly.


For safety reasons I added a 200 mA fuse. It was a tight squeeze to get the wires into the body.


In the bottom of the wand you can see a magnet that triggers the On-Off reed switch, that`s located in his right leg.


Magnet position: up = Off                                               Magnet position: down = On


Here the "piece de la resistance". To charge him I use a Magnet based charging system.


As you can see, the Munny is in the wrong position, the magnets repel so he won`t short himself out.

In the correct position he gets attracted by the base the magnets snap together and he starts charging.


A quick look inside the Charging station:


So this is Marvin the Munny and as I`m typing his page on LMR he occasionally blinks at me and makes me feel happy.

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Nice Photo/Video shoot Tobias.... looks like i could just reach out and tap the top of his head :-)

BTW :- that was a very lucky frame you choose for the youtube video......

Cute! A very nice project, indeed. Thumbs up for a nice modification to a blank slate of a product.

Well done and good documented. I also was thinking what a Munny is...now i know :-)

Great idea with the magnets against shorts...

Amazing job young man. Great to see the diversity on how you use magnets. Switch and charge. Rock on!

Thanks man, Appreciate it.

"Merci vil mol"

Ah... Switzerland. Fine then. Guät gmacht. Witer so.

Nice job Tobias but you seem to assume we know what a "Munny" is.

You said you could design one but you only showed us a sketch prior to construction.

What is a "Munny" and how did you make it?

Thanks, well our school bought a bunch of these boring white figures and Munny is the Name of one of them.

It was up to us to use our imagination. After all the cutting and glueing I also spraypainted the still blank figure. His feet are Bottletops and as you can see in one of the pictures, the magnets are resessed into them, so nothing happens, when you place Marvin on a metal surface (i.e. not short the batteries out). I unfortunately didn`t take any fotos of him whilst under construction, because it was a school project and I didn`t think of putting him on LMR :).

Ok, makes sense now, I thought you had made it from scratch with home made molds or something.

I can see how Munny reminded you of Marvin.