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An inexpensive multifunctional Digital Multimeter

I was wandering around Fry's, and was looking at all the different Digital Multimeters, and came accross this:


What surprised me is that I found a DMM that was the cheapest, and had more functions than the $100-200 ones.

This baby does near everything and more. And the cost... only $35!


Transistor, diode, continuity testing DC current 20A max., DC voltage 1000V max. AC current 20A max., AC voltage 700V max. Resistance up to 20M ohm Capacitance from 2000 pico-farad to 20 micro-farad Frequency up to 20kHz Temperature from 32F to 104F via built in sensor, -58F to 1832F with K type thermocouple (included) 3 1/2 digit


I was thinking I'd have to either buy multiple meters, or shell out tons of cash for a nice one. All the really expensive ones didn't even have a capacitance checker.

So if you need a nice all-around DMM, then this puppy might do it for ya ;)




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Does anyone know of a $50-100 multimeter that will last me a while?  I thought about getting a Fluke just so I could have the best there is and never worry about buying a multimeter again, but they're just too expensive to justify purchasing right now.

My $20 Radio Shack multimeter works ok, but it's lacking a lot of features I'd like to have.  :( 

I've got 2 meters that both appear on the Multimeter Warehouse site. My nice meter is this one, that has all sorts of goo-gaas and whachamacallitz that it does. Got it on sale for $50 or so a while back, looks like they went up some.

My crappy meter is this one, that has most all the basic stuff, does pretty good, and can be drug around where ever without worrying about losing an expensive tool. Think it was $5 or $6 way back, hasn't changed much. Forgot to mention, I blew a probe off this one once, trying to poke around a stereo amp once. Replaced it with an alligator clip and it works just fine.Gott be carefull near those big capssometimes.

Radio Shack actually has a couple of meters with a PC interface that sounds interesting. Here for $70 and here for $50.

But sometimes, as Zanthess probably believes, it's just wonderful to go into a Frys to look at all the toys.

I don't support Fry's, but it's a good place to check stuff out since they have a lot on demo. I normally won't buy anything there because their prices are craaaaazy high.

But.... their oscilliscope aisle? drool city....

That's why I suggested this one! It's only $34 and fills all basic needs. Anything above and I'd have an oscilliscope! this is small and can be carried around easily! :)
Hrm yes you have a point.

Recently a lot of cheap multimeters and oscilloscopes have appeared. The Orange Multimeter visible in some of my tip/walkthroughs only cost $35 AUD and has features like capacitance, frequency and dutycycle on top of the standard features and autoranging. But if you are thinking of spending more check out oscilloscopes, I picked up a new single channel, 10Mhz scope for $88 AUD on special last time I was looking for a GOOD multimeter. There are some cool digital sampling scopes that plug into your computer as well. Try and get a dual trace if possible since some things can't be done with a single trace.

I saw one the other day that connected to your computer, and had 8 inputs!
this one is also nice http://www.futurlec.com/Multimeters.shtml (the last but one red multimeter) but i have to say the frequency thing is quite useless as it only gets up to 20 kHz, i'd rather use a cheaper multimeter and a oscilloscope, maybe a pc based one would also work well.

I ended up getting this one from frys.


29 bux...

Very similar, though it has a higher frequency range which has come in extremly useful.

I love mine.....has been amazing so far. The next one up that I wanted could measure inductance, but also cost about $70 more. :/