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L1 red led blinking on dagu spider

Hi, My dagu spider controller, from the moment I started to used it, has this led blinking and it does not allow to upload anything. I have change the power source with no results. Using to control just one servo. What does it mean this L1 led?

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And thank you very much for answering so fast!

Well I am using windows 7 home premium 64 bits,  and the Arduino IDE  version is 1.0.1. Just to upload the code to dagu spider, or trying to.

 I will use, once I got the code downloaded, is 4 1.2V 2500 mAh batteries to control 3 servo motors ( at this point ), but as soon I get everything working the controller will control 18 servos. I believe I will need more power than.

 I was selecting Arduino Mega 2560, my mistake, thank you for this clue.

The serial port was ok, I checked. 

I am relieved now because I thought maybe I had a broken controller. I will try to connect and download with Arduino 1280 setting.

Thank you again

Finally I did it. I burned a component of my  DAGU Spider board. I think it may have been excessive current, but the board was already behaving in an unexpected way: all 9  servos ( all 6V)  connected to the right bus  functioned smoothly, while those on the left bus  tended to have little force. I've transfered some connections to the bus on the right, and everything seemed to work fine for a while, until this component marked in Figure simply burned. I have already ordered another board, but was wondering if there is as fix this one, and how to prevent the problem from recurring. Here goes my battery and may burned component.

Thank you for any help


Rery and may burned component... :-)