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Connecting Rover 5


I've been looking at this post from last year http://letsmakerobots.com/node/27513. Regnatus posted a mock up diagram and I've been trying to follow it.

I've got the same boards as these with the Rover 5.

A few things... is the GND (black cable) from Motor Controller connected to A0 on the Spider? Also, does it matter which pins on Spider (D1 - D13) I connect to? Lastly, can I connect 9V to the Motor Controller (6 x 1.5 Alkaline batteries)?


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No, ground is not connected to an ADC pin. Ground should go to ground on both boards.

It does matter what pins are used as some will need to be PWM pins.

You should check the voltage requirements of your motors, and check the datasheet (instructions) for your board before connecting anything.

Ok, thanks for quick reply Chris. Will have a look into it.