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Using analgo sticks from a broken controller, advice



I`m using a pair of thumbstick for a RC controller, this joystick have 4 pin, searching on internet I found that they are not pots they are hall effect sensor

thumbstick Photobucket

any advice or suggestion to connect it to my arduino?

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I'm still waiting for these joysticks to arrive but I thought I'd post a link back the source of the photo shown in OP.

From what I've read, it appears these really are Hall Effect sensors and some sort of IC is used to combine the two outputs to a single voltage making it appear as a normal pot to a microcontroller. 

I'm guessing one could use two analog channels to monitor the outputs from each sensor and convert the two readings into a usable number.

Apparently PS3 controllers no longer use these four pin devices and have returned to using the usual three pin pots. I really like the idea of having a joystick which uses Hall effect sensors rather than pots. Pots wear out; magnets generally don't (at least not as fast as pots).

If these little joysticks work as well as I hope, I'll design a PCB for them and start incorporating them into some of my projects.

I missed this when it was originally posted.

Does anyone know of a source for these type of joysticks? A quick search on Google didn't yeild any sources where I could purchase these.

I really dislike pots for applications which require a lot of use. As most of us know, pots wear out. I've experiemented with Austriamicrosystems' magnetic encoders and I've toyed with the idea of making my own magnetic encoder joystick but if these sorts of joysticks are already available at a reasonable price, then I'd like to use them.

These look like the right kind and they don't cost much. I think I'll purchase a pair.

I figure I'll try powering them with 3.3V to start with and see what kind of output I get. If the output doesn't look good powering it with 3.3V, I'll try 5V.

That looks like a normal joystick with pots. I was hoping to find a joystick with Hall effect sensors.

http://tinyurl.com/l8285fb which type is in the ps3

That's not it either. I'm pretty sure that particular one has been discontinued by SparkFun.

I found this "four pin" PS3 joystick on ebay. It looks promising.

Some of the PS3 joysticks listed on ebay have the normal three pins and are obviously not the Hall effect type. I may try the one I linked to. The price isn't too bad. I just hope it's really a Hall effect sensor and not a normal pot.

Hello SeL, did you have success in bringing the PS3 Joystick to run ? 

and DID it require a current voltaje converter or was it just Voltage output ? 


Well  to avoid more troubles with this sensor I got 2 analog thumbstick from a PS2.  thanks for yours advices

I'm guessing the outputs are still analog such as this dual hall effect sensor: http://www.gmw.com/magnetic_sensors/sentron/2sa/documents/2SA10.pdf

This is the code I used with the 2SA10 sensor.
One analog output represents the Sine of the angle. The other output is the Co-Sine.

// define global variables

int angle;
double X,Y,A;

void setup()

void loop()