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EZ0 vs SRF-04

Hello all

I have been thinking about getting one or two of the ubiquitous SRF04 sonar sensors, as they are so cheap, I have one Maxbotics EZ0 and it rocks, adaptive beam, self calibration, and all the output types and most importantly, it never misses anything, even at an angle it still detects stuff pretty relyably but, $30 is a lot for one sensor.. on the other hand, there is the SRF04, just a plain jane  sonar with no features, but only $2-$7 big price difference, but, I have heard some nasty things about their detection abilities, and they are also about double the size.

Thoughts? Experences? anything at all you have to say would be awesome :)

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They both work reliably well.  The difference in my experience between the Maxbotix EZ line (I don't have the 0, I think it's the EZ-1 in Yubin Kun) is that it has an analog line out while the SRFs all have digital protocols no matter how many pins you see.  This messed me up and caused me to ruin the first SRF I ever bought, but like you point out at $2 it wasn't worth crying over.  If anything, the digital v. analog contest probably goes to the cheaper ones.  There's too much variation across an ADC to be certain that you're accurate to within a cm, where as I'd trust the SRFs that far (I've actually done calibrations with a straight edge on the SRFs that indicate a pretty decent level of accuracy.  Probably a waste of time for robotics but when you're playing around you may as well play around.)