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First robot-what design!?

So I'm stuck on what I want to do. I have thwo idea for my first robot. The first idea is the a quadrupped useing 12 servos and th second is making a simple 8 servo biped. They both will use the mgician v2 once it come out plus a 8 servo expansion so I can control up to 16 servos and a li-po battery. What would be a good choice to learn- the quad will have harder programming while the biped with be harder mechanicaly. So i'm kinda stuck on what shold be my first robot? what your all first robot?

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With a quadbot, at least you don't have to worry about balance so much. There are some good quadbot's posted, where you can borrow ideas about the walking gait and contruction.

You could try this simple 3 servo walking biped, designed by Frits. Then tear it apart for the servos, and make yourself a quadbot. 

I like both so it's hard to decide,I'm leaning to biped as 8 servos is cheaper and ez'er to program as I know nothing about programming

I would prefer quadbot.
Well, in fact my first programmable bot is a quadbot. Like you, I'm not a programmer too.
I never made a biped before, so I don't know if a biped eazier to programmed than quad. But like ignoblegnome mentioned above, biped is a chalenge for balance.
I always think that the more difficult case you have, much more better you will learn. So as I wanted to learn robotics programming, I made a quadbot..

(sorry for my english..)

Yeah I saw your robot and its really cool and your English is fine. I think I'm going to to try the biped and if it dosnt work just use the parts for the quad. I gonna use only 8 micro servos and maybe a couple micro geared motors. I'm trying to find a small battery would two 3.7 1000 ma lipo batteries hooked is series be ok to use

Yes, I think lipo batteries are still the best choice. But I won't recommend you to hooked them in series or parallel by yourself. 
My 7.4v 800mAh lipo run my 12 servo quadruped in about 16 minutes.

How come you can't do that? They blow up or something?

Yes, I read somewhere that they're easily explode. 
The lipos you wanted to hooked up have to be identical (brand, type, v, mah, age, etc.).
They also have to be in the same charge capacity.
But there's alot of two/three cells lipo batteries sold out there. Why wouldn't you buy those already hooked up batteries to minimize the risk??  :)

I was hoping to get two small batteries to disrepute the weight where I wanted it

Ok, that's make sense then. Just be careful when you do that my friend  :D

I might need extra servos so I was thinking of adding this will this work withy the V2 magician http://www.robotshop.com/pololu-micro-serial-servo-controller.html