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Orange Drum Machine

avoid object and play drum on thing.


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This is my version of the drum machine. Measuring 4"X4"X5"IMG_2702.jpgIMG_2700.jpgIMG_2703.jpg

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i was asking why the robot didn't stop at the papers and continued walking towards them ??
because the paper at the bottom of the stack was sticking out more than the part that the sensor was facing so it was not sensing the danger.
That is too cool, cute little bot! Fun to see another running. Those dimensions, might be possible for a minisumo!
Ha! Sounds like morse code :P or a telegraph message!


Great arty bot!  I love it!
I try to make it as small as possible so it looks cute lol

lol, i love the packed style :P also the very short tracks give a nice look.

well done 

I have the left over plastic so I didn't know what to do with it so I use it to decorate my bot. I put the darlington in and for some reason my servo its not working. I don't know what happened and also my speakers is not loud enough. What I can do to improve this. This is my last robot I built for now because I am going back to school and going on vacation and stuff. I will still look at the posting to seee whats new and interesting things you guys and gals comes  up with. THanks everybody, I had a great time here.
i love the color, post a vid of hem jamming!
We have a new color in drum-machine land. It looks fantastic! Show us some action video.