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I was using a 2 dof dagu arm to hold some junk lying arround my desk (empty cans) when it stop responding i touch and it was remarkly hot. I was running it from a dagu spider controller . I am suspecting ask was asking it to close when i could not anymore. So my question. Is there a way to tell if your forcing your servo remotely?

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The problem is that the servo was trying to close and the object you were holding was preventing it from doing that. This caused the servo motor to stall.This will happen with most grippers and servos unless you have some sort of pressure sensor or monitor the servo current.

I have developed a new gripper that has a built in clutch to protect the servo when an object prevents it from closing fully. It should be available from SparkFun and other DAGU distributors in the next week or two.

 of a servo at 28 dollar a piece for a servo,  could you take a pic for the records please am guessing " some kind of encoder " is infact a 10 k pot and thats would be  quite achievement to melt that, how long have you had the servo if it new send it back to the vendor for a replacement,,  maybe hard as you opened it up and may have void any warrenty it came with.


The servo is a Dagu S05NF and i  opened it up and checked and the motor fine so are the gear, but the thing that turn only 180 (i guess some king of encoder) is melted and now wont turn. Also the sticker the servo fall off because of the heat.

You burned it up pretty good.

Don't despair. You can try to modify the servo for continuous rotation (if the rest of the electronics aren't fried). Instructions abound on the Internet.

If there is too much physical damage or the electronics are toasted, you can still use the servo as a nice little gear motor. Simply bypass the electronics all together and just use the motor and gear train.

Good luck!

you might try checking the current draw. You could add some form of pressure sensor, and, have a cutoff for a set pressure.

post a link to the  arm which type of servo's are you using, a possible solution could be too add two contact switchs to the gripper does the servo get hot without gripping?, if you where over griping the servo would be  clicking on the gears more than overheating.