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Navigate around via ultrasound
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I present Aluminum autonomous robot, it rolls around without purpose just to avoid the wall into the body.

It is built with an aluminum frame, two modified servo, 1 SRF05 ultrasound, 1 red LED and picaxe 08M2.

The SRF05 is connected in single pin on C.4

C.0 = led
C.1 = servo 1
C.2 = servo 2
C.3 = nothing
C.4 = SRF05

Programming is in progress ....


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Thanks Jinx,
L293D (600mA) or L298 (1 A) still me have to know the consumption of the motor when pushed in. (engine RM2)
I'll test on plate to choose the best.
I will use the following component: 18M2, L293D OR L298, RM2 engine, SRF05, CNY70 line sensor