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Navigate around via ultrasound
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I present Aluminum autonomous robot, it rolls around without purpose just to avoid the wall into the body.

It is built with an aluminum frame, two modified servo, 1 SRF05 ultrasound, 1 red LED and picaxe 08M2.

The SRF05 is connected in single pin on C.4

C.0 = led
C.1 = servo 1
C.2 = servo 2
C.3 = nothing
C.4 = SRF05

Programming is in progress ....


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Sweet ?! Ok tucker 98  :-)

thats so sweet and awsom :D its just one of the bots that says im so cool and it is cool

Thanks jinx! Good idea to C.3. The IR can be funny and use the last connection of the 08 M 2

  smart little bot and a brilliant use of the 08M2 could c.3 not be used to add IR reciever then have control with a sony tv remote?