Let's Make Robots!



This is my first walker.

Named Fluffy.

Worked well but for one problem.

You should always pay more than $8 for your servos.

Had 20 servos, used 8 for the legs added 1 for the torso.

Let the magic smoke out of 13 of them then gave up.

It used a linxmotion servo controler board and a bluesmirf running off

a laptop.

Now makes a cool paperwieght.


Dont ask too much from cheap servos.

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Was there a chance for you to made a video before the servos smoked out?
Video.. please.. video..!! I'm addicted to robots videos... :P 

Theres a couple of vids here http://shed-of-doom.blogspot.com.au/

look in 2009.

I was using a 6v LiPo.

If i remember 3 smoked, a couple striped gears, at least 2 just

froze up and the rest could not hold position no matter what i did.

But they were so cheap that i didnt bother to fix the ones that maybe could be


In the process of making my own with electric window motors with attiny85 brains.

I read about the TowerPro servos on a forum and apprently they are a great company that makes good servos, just, other Hong Kong companies are making a killing on eBay by selling counterfeit versions.

Someone said that they phoned up the actual company, they gave him a replacement and he didn't have any problems again. (so far)

This is not from first hand experience though, so it could be wrong.

It's just so tempting to get 10 servos for $20 (AUD). I want to make a quadruped and I am not sure whether to go down to my local hobby shop and get some servos from there so that I know they are real, or just buy lots of the cheap ones off eBay.

A quad would have a lot less load on the servos.