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Picaxe 28X1 power?

I am a newbby here and with the robots and i need your help. My motors which is connect on the board are 5v each but on the output pins it have only 2v .So i need your help with these how i can connect more power.  Please if you can send me a picture.

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Are you using the PICAXE 28 Project Board? Although it doesn't directly  answer your current question, Frits' Picaxe 28 Project Board for Dummies post will give you a lot of great info to get started.

I have a question. If i put a second power supply i have to change the connection of the motor?

The link I posted explains exactly how to connect two voltage sources. Please read it.

perhaps you should have begun by reading the manuals?

There is a voltage drop from the L293D so you will get less voltage on the motor pins than you will straight from the battery. However 2V is a little low unless you're using depleted batteries. What are you using for a power supply?