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Help Frits and Jameco source parts for new Start Here robot - thanks :)

Jameco is working on a kit for the new Start Here robot, posted here while we all work on it.

Jameco have all parts sourced, apart from the free spinning wheels. And I need your help!

Here's the ones I used for my draft:

Note, that the wheels should NOT have a common axle, they need to be individually free to spin.

The robot looks the coolest, if the wheels are cool, and I guess it's also nice if they match the rear wheel somewhat.

Jameco are using this for the rear

So, guys, where do we find wheels for Jameco to include in their kit?

In their existing catalogue, from their existing vendors.. or where should they source them, what do you know, can you help us, what would you recommend?

Thanks :)

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DAGU owns molds for that wheel but we make a better quality tire now. We can also prepare free-spinning versions of the wheel very easily.

I have sent Jameco this sample set. The free spinning wheels are fitted with needle bearings. These wheels are designed for a 4mm shaft but can easily be changed to suit any shaft size.


Way cool.

Might talk to you on mail about this. Cheers :)

Are these any good? Not sure if when they say 2 pair you're getting 4 wheels or not. 5 different colours and 3 different treads to choose


or like Jax suggested these yellow wheels and motors


Thanks a lot!


Pair those with the DFrobot yellow motor with the same yellow wheel. Matching is always nice IMO. The only effort needed is putting a hole in the hub for the axle assembly.

Yer - I agree with the color-thing.. And will BTW see if I can get some cool Chinese vendor to make a general nicer color - for all wheels :)


I always think that these look the coolest, but using them can have unpredictable side effects:


Also I'm not sure if this particular version of an omni-wheel satisfies the free-spin-common-axle criteria, or if you're looking at two that are attached somehow here, etc.

Ha, yes, they are cool.  But what we are looking for here really, is cheap, making-robot-look-cool, and can-be-made-independently-free-spinning-and-mounted-easily kinda thing :)

No inventions, sourcing!